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Ocean'sEdge Resort Key West Stock Island Pool

Coming to Key West, Here is Why You Should Book in Advance.

March 27, 2021 For me, advanced planning a vacation is difficult. My husband’s line of work does not allow for him to just take off on a whim. So, when we see we have an opening, we take it last…

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Higgs Beach, the African Cemetery, and the Martello Tower, home to the Key West Garden Club.

Key West: Summer and Fall 2020

The summer and fall have always been considered the offseason here in Key West, but events like Lobsterfest in August, Fantasy Fest in October, and the Super Boat Races in November bring in large numbers of people to the island….

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Key West: 11-11-11

Well, it will be quite some time before humanity sees this date again. I was getting a lot of calls for accommodations for this week and every one of the places that I work with and all of the ones…

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Key West Fantasy Fest is Almost Here!

Well October is here, the weather is starting to cool slightly, and Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas displays are already going up in the stores. That means Fantasy Fest is just around the corner. I always equate this annual festival to…

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