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Alonzo’s is a great spot to sit back, relax, and people watch or look at the beautiful charter boats sitting in wait for a sponsor. This eatery located at the A&B Marina on Front Street is popular with locals for their happy hour and popular with visitors for its location.

The menu is primarily filled with seafood options like oysters, grouper, lobster, snapper and more. Pretty obvious this would be the case from the name, right? If you are not into seafood, there are a couple of options that might satisfy you, but this might not be your favorite dining spot on the island. I typically order what a place is know for, so getting a steak at a seafood restaurant is not something I would do. But judging from the quality I think it might be a safe bet here.

Alonzo’s shares a kitchen with their more upscale sister restaurant, A & B Lobster House. You can get a more fairly priced yet delicious meal at Alonzo’s. My favorite go to meal here was the island spiced shrimp. Unfortunately, the recently took it off of the menu so I will have to find a new favorite meal.

And I do have to say to stay away from the captains platter as it really is an embarrassment to this establishment and looked more like it belonged on a Long John Silver menu than the A&B kitchen.

The appetizers, salads, tuna, and other options that we tried were all delicious. I especially enjoyed the pretzels and the fish dip.

Alonzo's Oyster Bar Key West
Alonzo’s Oyster Bar Key West

I do have to say that during our last visit to Alonzo’s, the bartender was extremely rude and unhelpful. However, the manager was awesome and checked up on us several times to make sure we were having a good experience.

And another thing that is nice about Alonzo’s is that they will cook your catch for you if you do go out on one of those charter boats and are lucky enough to bring some fish back with you!

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