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My friend Paulette had an extended lunch break today, so we decided to order lunch from the new Cow Key Food Truck. I couldn’t believe that the phone was answered almost immediately and the person that answered was super friendly. We were told that our order would be ready in about 30 minutes, so Paulette went home to let her dog out and then on to pick up the food which was just a couple of blocks away from her house.

We went with a conch ceviche to start. We followed this up with a chicken and a shrimp PINCHO, basically a skewer of each seasoned with Caribbean spices, and the Tripleta sandwich which was filled with steak, roast pork, chicken, cheese, lettuce and rican sauce and served with fries.

Everything was packaged nicely, although there were no napkins or plasticware included. For us that was fine since we have all that at the office, but some people may need to request it be included. Everything smelled great and we were eager to dive in!

I am not a huge fan of conch as it is usually chewy, but the conch in the ceviche was extremely tender and mixed with the fresh red onions, peppers, tomatoes, cilantro and citrus juices made for a simply amazing dish.

The PINCHOs were seasoned just enough and cooked to perfection. The chicken was tender and tasty and the shrimp were just perfect. Each skewer came with a side of a sweet and delicious barbecue sauce that went well with both the shrimp and the chicken.

The Tripleta was giant in size. I was a bit skeptical of this sandwich with so many competing meats, but it all melded well together. In addition to being very tasty, the meats were extremely tender. The steak on there had the most amazing taste, so I think I am going to have to go back again soon and get their steak and cheese sandwich. This was served with fries that were very good as well.

Everything was super fresh and I was very impressed that this was all prepared in a food truck. And, all of this was only $35, a fraction of the cost of some of the other food trucks I have eaten at with way better quality food and service! I am definitely going to getting my lunch here again soon!

Cow Key Food Truck is open Monday through Friday from 11am until 4pm and is located in The Art Shack on 6404 Front Street on Stock Island.

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