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Key West is a small island, only 2 x 4 miles. So, you can probably surmise that parking is at a premium. Especially in the Old Town District. In New Town, the airport, shopping plazas and hotels all have parking lots for workers and guests. But, don’t fret if you are going downtown as there are parking options. Some of the hotels and inns have parking lots, although not all by a long shot. But, there are parking lots and garages that one can use. Below, a list of these parking lots with costs is provided to help you during your visit to Key West (these costs may change over time).

Firehouse Parking Lot. Great spot to park if heading to DJ’s Clam Shack on Duval Street!

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City Parking Lots & Garages

Angela Street & Butler Boulevard Parking Lots – Adjacent to the Truman Waterfront Park playground, there are 3 parking lots at the intersection of Butler Boulevard and Angela Street $5 per hour. Residential parking is accepted for up to 4 hours at no additional cost. There are 75 total available spaces. 

Conch Republic Parking Lot (Greene Street Lot) – $5 per hour, 10-hour maximum. There are 136 total available spaces.

Ferry Terminal Parking Lot – 100 Grinnell Street. $5 per hour, 10-hour maximum. There are 19 total spaces available.

Fire Station Parking Lot – Located at the corner of Angela and Simonton Streets, bordering the Old Town Fire Station Pay Station in the center of the lot. $5 per hour, 10-hour maximum. Residential Permits are valid up to 4 hours per day. There are 84 total spaces available. ZONE 33054.

Half Shell Raw Bar Parking Lot – 231 Block Margaret Street. $5 per hour, 2-hour maximum. There are 19 total spaces available at this lot.

Jackson Square Lot – 600 Thomas Street. Located in the 600 block of Thomas Street, parking is $5 per hour after business hours and during the weekends, Monday through Friday from 6 pm to Midnight, Saturday from 6 am to Midnight, and Sunday Noon to Midnight. Residential permit valid for 4 hours per day during metered hours.

Key West Bight Parking Lot (Caroline Street Lot) – $5 per hour, $40 daily maximum. Residential Permits are valid up to 4 hours per day. There are 120 total spaces available. ZONE 33046.

Mallory Square Parking Lot – 412 Wall Street. $6 per hour, $48 daily, 10-hour maximum. There are 100 total spaces available.

Old Town Garage (Park N Ride) – 300 Grinnell Street. $5 per hour, $40 per day, $268.75 per month, Employee Parking Lot Permit: $25 per month. Residential Permits are valid up to 4 hours per day. There are 250 total spaces available. ZONE 33048.

Simonton Street Beach & Parking Lot – 0 Simonton Street. A small beach in downtown Key West! This beach houses a boat ramp for the recreational launching of their boats. Hours of Operation: 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM. Restrooms are open 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Parking Lot: $5 per hour, 10-hour maximum, Limited boat trailer parking.

Smather’s Beach – Residential parking is accepted for up to 4 hours at no additional cost. ZONE 33053.

Truman Waterfront Park – This lot is closest to the USCGC Ingham Museum, the TWFP playground/ splash pad and the fitness trail, $5 per hour. Residential Permit allows 4 hours per day at no cost, Monroe County Resident Park Parking permits are $25.00 per year that allows up to 4 hours per day. There are a total of 106 spaces. ZONE 33051.

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Other Parking Lots, Spots & Garages

A & B Parking Lot – Located at the historic A&B Marina Complex that operates 24 hours a day. The lot is managed by a modern automated parking machine at both the entrance and exit and accepts all major credit cards ONLY.

City Parking – 900 Fort Street. Free Lot.

Clarence S Higgs Memorial Beach Park – Located at 1000 Atlantic Blvd, the park is operated by the county, and there is plenty of free parking all around the area via street parking and parking lots.

Key West Parking – Located at 808 Simonton Street. This is a pay lot. Fill out the payment envelope ($15 a day or pay for multiple days, ie, 3 days x $15=$45) and deposit money in the drop box. Payment is good through 11:00 am the following morning. Cash only. No checks or credit cards. Passenger vehicles only. Campers, RV’s, trailers and boats will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Metered Street Parking – Parking meters in and around the Old Town area Key West are being replaced with electronic pay stations, each usually located in the middle of a block. Metered parking costs $3.00 per hour  (automated pay station accepts credit cards, debit cards, and coins only). Parking meter regulations are enforced 7 days per week, 8am-midnight. There is a 3-day maximum for parking in a spot on city streets.

Non-meters Parking Spots – Old Town neighborhoods do offer some free parking spaces, but most are marked “Residential Only” and visitors are NOT permitted to park in them. Expecting to find a free parking space near your destination is foolhardy. And, if you do happen to find that unicorn spot, snatch it up and count your blessings! You might even want to play the lotto that day!

Opal Key Resort & Marina – 245 Front Street (next to Mallory Square), parking is available for non-guests for $4.00 per hour.

Petronia Street Lot – 422 Petronia Street. $5 per hour.

Post Office Parking Lot – 400 White Street. Parking here is $30 per day. High demand may increase the price. Truck/SUVs are charged an oversize rate. Low demand, afternoon price may drop. All tickets expire 9AM.

Simonton Street Pay Lot – 210 Simonton Street. Parking at this lot is $25 per day. High demand may increase the price. Truck/SUVs charge an oversize rate. Low demand, afternoon price may drop. All tickets expire 9AM.

South Roosevelt Blvd. – You will find several free spots along the street on this main road. Park here are take a nice walk along the Atlantic and enjoy the sea breeze!

Other Parking Information

Many visitors ask me about renting electric cars or golf carts. While these are wildly popular on our island of Key West, it does not make the parking any easier as you still need to find a spot to park it just like a regular car.

Using a parking app is becoming more popular everywhere, including Key West. is the mobile app used on our island. All you need to do is have your smart phone and your car license plate. The app will notify you of the parking location you are at. is another great parking tool to utilize to help find spots.

Scooter rentals are another popular way to get around the island. While parking these is much easier than parking a car, they are very dangerous, so please be careful when riding. Scooter parking is designated by the parallel white lines throughout downtown Key West. These spots are first come first serve and free!

Coming down on a motorcycle, you will have a much easier time parking these as well. While we do not have rentals in Key West for motorcycles, you can rent one in other parts of Florida and drive down for the day or a couple of days.

E-bikes and Bicycle rentals are a great way to go to get around the island on your own. You will find many places offering these as rentals now, but if there are any events going on such as the World Championship Boat Races, you should really reserve in advance. Another nice thing about this option is that the different companies will deliver right to your door! And, some hotels and inns offer rentals to their guests making things even easier for you! Eaton Bikes, Bike Man Bike Rentals, and We Cycle are all popular options.

We do highly recommend taking Uber, Lyft or even taxis over parking in some situations to make life easier for everyone!

Parking Fines

Nobody wants to pay a fine for parking. Especially when those fines can range in price from $50 to $250! If you do get a parking ticket, make sure to pay it within 10 calendar days or you will be assessed a $5 late fee. After 20 days, an additional late charge of $5 will be assessed, or a total late fee of $10 per ticket.  Parking violations will be considered delinquent after 30 days and sent to a collection agency.

More About Key West

Do you want to know more about our island? Visit all the different sections of this blog. Additionally, you can check out our sister site, for lots of information on other Key West activities. And, join our Facebook group, VisitKeyWest to keep up to date on things happening on our island Paradise!

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