Traveling to Key West

Bridge in the Florida Keys and Key West at Sunset
Bridge in the Florida Keys and Key West at Sunset

Practically everyone has heard of Key West but many people have no idea where it is or how to get here. Almost everyday I have someone ask me how to get to Key West. So for all those wanting to visit Key West but don’t know how, this is for you.

Key West is a small island, about 2 miles wide by 4 miles long. It is the very last island that you can get to by car in the archipelago off of the tip of Florida called the Florida Keys. Hence, we are known as the Southernmost Island in the Continental USA. We are about 110 miles from the mainland and about 90 miles from Cuba!

Since the Overseas Highway connects us to the mainland via a series of 42 bridges including the famed 7-mile bridge, you can easily take a bus or drive down to Key West. The drive normally takes about 3 hours. If there is a lot of traffic or God forbid an accident, it can take 4 or more hours to reach Key West since there is only one road down. If there is no traffic and you have a lead foot you can probably make it in 2, but we advise you to drive the speed limit and stay safe, especially since the drive is so picturesque.

If you are not much into driving, you can fly to Key West. There are a few small airlines such as Seacoast as well as several major carries including US Airways, Delta, Continental, and American that fly into the Key West International Airport (EYW). Or you can do what many people opt to do; fly into Miami International Airport (MIA) or Ft Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL), rent a car, and drive down so that you can get to Florida quickly yet still enjoy the scenic drive through the Florida Keys.

And yes, you can also visit our lovely island by boat. If you are a private boater there are several marinas that would gladly rent you a slip for a day, a week, a month, or a year! But if that seems a bit too adventurous for you, there are other options as well. The Key West Express is a ferry service that offer high speed service between Ft Myers and Key West, and during season they also offer service between Marco Island and Key West. Then there is the cruise ship option; Key West is a port of call for several cruise lines such as Disney, Royal Caribbean, and Carnival. This is a great option for first time visitors or those only interested in a short visit to the island since the cruise ships are typically only in port for a few hours.

I hope this has been a help to those of you that were wondering how to get to our island Paradise! For information about where to stay and what to do once you get to Key West visit us on the web at

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