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After my husband Steven’s charter yesterday, he needed some caffeine, so we decided to take a coffee break and head down to Keys Coffee Co on Southard Street. We spied this little place one evening after having dinner across the street at Miso Happy, and wanted to try it out then but it was already closed for the evening, so this was our perfect opportunity. We parked on the street right in front of the little shop, and although we did have to pay to park, it was not hard finding a spot.

Once we walked into the shop, we were greeted with a small but welcoming atmosphere and a very friendly staff. We each ordered a large cafe con leche and my husband got a blueberry muffin as well. There is also a really nice and affordable menu with breakfast and lunch items along with smoothies, juices, and more; we had eaten not too long before so we will save that for another visit. I could not believe that our order only cost $10, as that is almost the price of a single coffee at Starbucks!

Once the coffees were done we grabbed them from the counter and sat down to try out our caffeinated beverages. They were really, really good. As a matter of fact, my husband must have said how good the coffee was at least ten times while we were sitting there relaxing and enjoying our break. The muffin was also delicious. After practically inhaling it, Steven said that we had to get another one because I had to try it. So I did and it was good; very light, almost like angel food cake with blueberries.

Throughout our little outing, we watched the scene and saw how friendly the staff was with everyone that stopped by. And we talked with the owner, Dan, for a bit as well. One cool thing that they do is they freeze their left over coffee at the end of the day and make ice cubes out of it for their cold drinks. This keeps the coffee from getting watered down and cuts out waste too. Genius!

So now I am dreaming about another coffee break so that we can head back down for another con leche or perhaps a coconut breve which looked enticing.

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