Twelve Stock Island Restaurants & Food Trucks

Everyone that visits the Florida Keys knows about Key West. But, the island just before you get to Key West proper, aka Stock Island, is booming. And, the island has its fare share of great restaurants. While some have been here for years, others are popping up all of the time.

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Stock Island Restaurants

Chico’s Cantina – 5230 US-1 – This is my all time favorite restaurant in the Florida Keys. As a matter of fact, I have probably paid off the owners’ mortgage with all of the times I have eaten here over the years! The Mexican fare is delicious and affordable for Keys standards.

Roostica – 5620 MacDonald Ave – This is my go to pizza place as not only is the location convenient for me, but the pizza is delicious as well. And, they have a host of other yummy options too!

Hogfish Bar & Grill – 6810 Front St – Once a locals only place, this is now a popular eatery for locals and tourists alike. Very casual bar on the water atmosphere with great food.

El Siboney – 5501 5th Ave – Affordable Cuban food in an air conditioned dining room. Plus, a full bar!

El Mocho – 5708 Maloney Ave – Super affordable stop for a delicious Cuban style breakfast or lunch.

Matt’s Stock Island Kitchen & Bar – 7001 Shrimp Rd Suite 200 – Located at the Perry Resort, this restaurant is very pricey. But, the food is always good.

Yellowfin Bar & Grill – 5950 Peninsular Ave – Located at Ocean’s Edge Resort, I love coming here. The food is delicious and the staff is great. And, the view is pretty nice too! The charter boat fleet here has some gorgeous boats, like the InXS!

The Docks – 6840 Front St – Located just down from the Hogfish Bar and Grill, this waterfront eatery serves up delicious seafood in a modern and welcoming atmosphere.

Dolphin Deli – 5600 Maloney Ave – This is a great place for a quick bite to eat for breakfast or lunch. Plus, the Cuban coffee is amazing!

Stock Island Food Trucks

DeLuna’s Food Truck – 6401 Maloney Ave – Located at Boy’s Campground, the Cuban style food here is good but very pricey for a food truck!

One Love Food Truck – 5220 US-1 – Located at the Chevron Station, this is a great surprise of amazing food.

Paradise Seafood & Coffee Shop – 5710 US-1 – Located at Murray Marine, this is a great place for a quick Cuban coffee and breakfast or lunch.

More About Key West

For more information about the fun side of Key West, things to do and see in our island city, go to our Key West Web Site. And, remember to check out our restaurant reviews as you surely must eat while down here! 

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